Quick Start

Try First

You may try kytos without installing it by running our docker image. Just install docker from your package provider and run:

$ sudo docker run -it --privileged kytos/tryfirst


We use Python 3.6, so you’ll have to install it into your environment beforehand:

$ apt-get install python3.6

Then, the first step is to clone kytos repository:

$ git clone https://github.com/kytos/kytos.git

After cloning, the installation process is done by standard setuptools install procedure:

$ cd kytos
$ sudo python3.6 setup.py install


After kytos installation, all config files will be located at /etc/kytos/.

Kytos also accepts a configuration file as argument to change its default behaviour. You can view and modify the main config file at /etc/kytos/kytos.conf, and the logging config file at /etc/kytos/logging.ini.

For more information about the config options please visit the Kytos’s Administrator Guide.