Kytos SDN Platform is the fastest way to deploy an SDN Network! With Kytos you can deploy a basic SDN controller using protocols like OpenFlow. The software was designed to be easy to deploy and run, and the concept of Network Applications (NApps) is introduced to empower the network administrator with simple and fast-paced solution development, including the option to share the code among an active and interested community.

Kytos’s modular design together with this ease to deploy and develop makes it a lightweight SDN Platform. The creation of the Platform was motivated by some gaps left behind by common SDN solutions. Moreover, it has strong tights with a community view, so it is centered on the development of applications by its users. Thus, our intention is not only to build a new SDN solution, but also to build a community of developers around it, creating new applications that benefit from the SDN paradigm.

The project was born in 2014, when the first version of the message parsing library was built. After some time on standby, the development took off in earlier 2016.

For more information about this project, please visit Kytos project website.

Main highlights

Speed focused

We keep the word performance in mind since the beginning of the development: as computer scientists we will always try to get the best performance by implementing the most suitable algorithms.

Our developers participated in several demonstrations involving tests with high-speed networks (~ 1 terabit/s), Some of those involving data transfers from/to CERN.

Easy to learn

We always aim at write our code in the most “pythonic way”. We also have a well documented API.

Born to be free

OpenFlow was born with a simple idea: make your network more vendor agnostic and we like that!

We are advocates and supporters of free software and we believe the more eyes observe a certain code, a better code will be generated. This project can receive support from many vendors, but will never follow a particular vendor direction.

We will always keep this code open.